Promo Vinyl ID Wristbands in Any PANTONE Colour For Your Next Event!

Custom Made Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl ID wristbands are higly resistand and they are great tool for ever promo event. Promo vinyl ID wristbands can be printed and then you can address thousand people at the same time. Promo vinyl ID wristbands are suitable for music festivals, fairs, fun parks.  Promo vinyl ID wristbands are made with special fastening which is not possible to open after its closing. There is just one way how to remove the vinyl ID wristbands – cut them. It mean promo vinyl ID wristbands are absolutely secure.

Item Code: GS-IDW003
Material: Vinyl
Size: 255 x 20mm/250 x 25mm (or custom size)
Min Order:1000pcs

Unit price: write us