Printed Tyvek ID Bracelets for Your Party, Concert, Music Festival!

Promotional Tyvek Identification WristbandsPrinted Tyvek ID bracelets offer both a cheap and simple solution for entry control and visitor management. Printed tyvek ID bracelets are made from tyvek material, what is spun polyethylene and the bracelets feels and looks like paper. Tyvek is extremely durable and ideal for events which last more than a day.Tyvek ID bracelets are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Printed tyvek ID bracelets are non-transferable, stretch resistant, durable, tamper-proof, 100% waterproof.

Item Code: GS-IDW002
Material: Tyvek*
Size: 250 x 20mm/200 x 20mm/150 x 20mm (or custom size)
Min Order:1000pcs

Unit price: write us

*Tyvek is polyethylen nonwoven fabric, which looks and feels like paper. This fabric is made using technology spunbond, what is flat pressed messy polyethylen fibers in hot environment without adhesive usage.

The tyvek ID bracelets are extremely secure as once the bracelet is secured to the wrist, strategically placed security cuts prevent the tyvek bracelets from being removed without breaking or showing clear signs of tampering. Tyvek ID bracelets can be printed by your own text, logo, pictures or company notification. When your tyvek ID bracelets will be printed, you do improve the visual impact of the bracelets, but you also raise the level of security by reducing the risk of counterfeiting. Although black print remains the most popular colour since it shows well on most coloured backgrounds, all print colours are available. However, please be aware that some colours do not always reproduce perfectly on some solid colours.

Additional features of our tyvek ID bracelets – barcode can be printed onto the bracelets if needed or indeed colour images/pictures.

Are you looking for an inexpensive bracelets that are semi-permanent? Our printed tyvek ID bracelets are custom made and printed that are great for security-regulated or exclusive events! The tyvek ID bracelets come in many colours and nine styles. Our tyvek bracelets can be printed and they are virtually indestructible.